What is the Zephyrhills Chiropractic
and Acupuncture Clinic?

Zephyrhills ChiropracticBack pain is suffered by over 80% of the American public in their lifetime. Forty percent of Americans have lasting back pain for more than two weeks and actually end up going to a chiropractor. It is also known that 6.8% of the population suffers from back pain at any given time and it is also recommended by federal agencies that chiropractic treatment over other forms of medical care for acute back pain is effective. In addition, when the chiropractic care is combined with acupuncture and other physiotherapeutics such as electrical stimulator, heat, ultrasound, manual massage and pulse diathermy the odds of getting over back pain increase significantly. Chiropractic is the largest drugless non-surgical primary health care provider in the western world. In addition, federal programs, Medicare and Medicaid, government employees, hospital association benefit plans and post master benefit plans cover chiropractic and it is significant in the fact that most major insurance carriers as well as auto accident carriers cover chiropractic very well also.

The effectiveness of chiropractic has been repeatedly documented in studies from such groups as the AHCPR (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research;1994), Ontario Ministry of health (Magna;1993), Rand Corporation amongst others. It is widely accepted by insurance companies.

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Dr. Forster uses applied kinesiology1 to find a weak muscle through manual muscle testing and then employs chiropractic therapy to make it stronger. Techniques to support muscle adjustment include atlas orthogonal, spinal manipulation, flexion spinal decompression. He uses the Toftness system for pain syndrome,2 Sacro Occipital Technique,3 Thompson Terminal Point, and Gonstead method.4

Each patient and each situation is different. Therefore, for comfort and effectiveness Dr. Forster uses a variety of chiropractic tables. In addition to standard chiropractic treatment tables, he uses the Thompson Drop table and Gonstad Knee-Chest table. These tables provide bio-mechanically correct position and precise thrust to provide the most accurate and painless adjustment possible. In addition he uses an activator instrument for low force impulse.

Dr. Forster is a Board Certified chiropractor with a doctoral degree in chiropractic. He has trained under Dr Goodheart (applied kinesiology), and Gonstead (low force method on specialized table), Dr. Thompson (terminal point), Dr. Yochum and Dr. Ernhardt (radiology), Dr. Toftness, Gonstead (low force), Dr. Fhur (activator), and Dr. DeJarnette, (sacro occipital technique and chiropractic craniopathy).

George A. Forster, DC, AP, NMD

Since 1981 we have been providing holistic health care. Dr. Foster continues his educational quest. He holds a Chiropractic Physician's Degree, an Acupuncture Physician's License and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor degree from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine. You are in good hands in an integrated medical approach at the Zephyrhills Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic. Learn more

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