What is the Florida Chiropractic
and Acupuncture Clinic?

The Florida Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic is an oasis in a complex world of many different health issues that each individual might be having. We have utilized the best complimentary medical procedures to bring about homostatunity and balance into the person's body, mind and spirit. We utilize electronic acupuncture needle-less meridian balancing to remove blockages in the body and restore the normal flow of life force. We also use non-force low-force directional chiropractic adjusting techniques to remove vertebral subluxations or spinal misalignment in the body to restore the body back to normal heath.

Our bioenergetics department utilizes state of the art computerized homeopathy using and employing the BodyScan 2010, and we also utilize electronic homeopathic foot bath detoxification protocols. The ionic foot bath is a significant advance in removing toxins from the body. By having a half hour of a foot bath, one can reduce the toxic loads significantly in the body by allowing the toxins to flow through the pores of the feet and out into the water to be discarded and thus invigorate the body's ability to remove toxins and allow the body to remain in a greater sense of balance.

We have a full range of Chinese herbs, nutritional supplementation in the forms of vitamins and minerals, and we use homeopathic pharmacopoeia and have the ability to create any homeopathic remedy electronically and classically as well. We can order homeopathic remedies from all over the world and we subscribe to the homeopathic detoxification protocol as set forth by six stages of homeopathic detoxification from the works of Reckewig.

In addition, we have a full physiotherapeutics facility with Thompson Terminal Point spring-loaded adjustment tables, activator technique for chiropractic care, and pulse diathermy to reduce inflammatory regions of the body following auto accident trauma. We have specific electrotherapy in the forms of microcurrent and Russian interferential. We have hot and cold therapy and we also utilize traction tables and distraction techniques for lumbar disc involvements. We also employ radiographic techniques. We can order nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, CAT scans, blood work, lab work and we have a thermography department to do thermographic evaluation of temperature abnormalities in the body. We have 25 years of healthcare experience here at this clinic. Dr. Foster continues his educational quest. He holds a Chiropractic Physician's Degree, an Acupuncture Physician's License and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor degree from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine. You are in good hands in an integrated medical approach at the Florida Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic. We are located in Zephyrhills, Florida right off State Road 54 West. Give us a call at (813) 782-9564 for an appointment today.

George A. Forster, DC, AP, NMD
Doctor of Chiropractic
Acupuncture Physician
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Past President of the American Chiropractic Thermographic Society
Past Chairman of the ICA College of Thermography
Continuing Education Lecturer for Life Chiropractic College

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