Low Back Pain

In the U.S. low back pain is one of the most common reasons someone visits the doctor. Most patients with low back pain have not had trauma, accidents, or major injuries prior to the pain onset. The cause of most back pain is the cumulative effect of improper sitting posture, poor work ergonomics and work habits, incorrect lifting, not enough proper exercise, and lifestyle-related factors. These contributors cause stress and imbalances on the spine with consequent pain.

Sometimes the simple act of bending over to pick up a pencil triggers pain in an already compromised spinal condition. At the trigger, muscles surrounding the spine spasm to protect the stressed or injured tissues of the back.


How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help

Chiropractic care works on correcting misaligned or out of place vertebrae and can remove the pressure place on nerve endings that line the surface of joints and pass through the spaces between joints, reducing pain and improving flexibility and function. Chiropractic therapy includes adjustments and simple manipulation. In addition, Dr. Forster draws on acupuncture and other therapies to tailor treatment for each patient.

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