Detoxification from Daily Stressors

It is exciting news today that I bring to you the ability to detox the body through the feet. As a reaction of our living in this lifetime here in the United States, as well as around the world, we have gathered many different toxins in our body in the forms of heavy metals, pesticides and various abnormal minerals and other things that might stand in the way of normal biologic function. Healthy individuals can expect after treatment to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of wellbeing from an Ionic Foot Bath. The procedure is very simple. When you come into our office, you will be asked to put your foot in a tub of water that is warm and you will sit there for half an hour while an anode delivers a mild current to the water of which you will not feel. This significantly makes the water's ability to transport toxins out of the body through the skin and pores of the feet in a very efficacious manner.

As the process progresses, detoxification occurs through the skin. After the lungs the skin is the second largest area of detoxification in the body. Water is the superior medium that is used, as 80% of the human body is water and energy transfers easily between the pores of the skin and the water that is currently being charged by an electrical current. During this time, hydrogen and oxygen is disassociated in the water and bubbles emerge. This creates a negative ion field in the water. These negative ions are absorbed by the body. In our society we are inundated by positive ions all the time. The studies show that negative ions neutralize free radicals. The negative ions have been implicated in rejuvenation of cells in regards to the ability to "energize" or "charge" individual cells which allow the cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. As the foot bath progresses over the next half hour, the toxic load is lessened through the process of the body system to eliminate these toxins from the body. These toxins can be light and heavy metals, they can be pollutants and pesticides, and they can be viral entities as well.

As the session progresses there is a rebalancing of the body's energy meridians. These meridians are super highways and they pass through each organ and they transfer energy from the toes to the head, from the fingertips to the chest, from the toes to the chest and from the fingertips to the face. These complex energetic fields are sucking up the negative ions and disassociating positively ionized toxins to release through the pores of the body. This realigns the body's energy field and many benefits of the unit can be attributed to rebalancing of these energies and general body mass tends to function better.

Colors and objects in the water can appear. This is a reaction between the toxins and particles in the water and there may be an actual indication of certain colors and these colors denote certain biological conditions. The toxins in our bodies will look the same as toxins in the predominant area of the body that is affected. Some of these colors are as follows:

  1. Yellow-Green, are detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, the female and prostate areas.
  2. Orange is detoxifying from the joints.
  3. Brown that is detoxifying the liver, tobacco and cellular debris.
  4. Black is detoxification from the liver and lungs.
  5. Dark green is detoxification from the gallbladder.
  6. White foam is from the lymphatic system.
  7. White cheese-like particles most likely from yeast.
  8. Black flakes can come from heavy metals.
  9. Red flakes can come from blood clot material.

When the session is through, the feet are dried off and you go on your way feeling much lighter and you have a significant amount of buoyant energy through which your body can draw from. It is recommended that you do between ten to twenty foot baths in a period of six to ten weeks depending upon your toxic load. It is not recommended for children under five years old and it is significantly recommended for those individuals who might be dealing with heavy toxic metal issues. It must be significantly understood that it should not be used for pregnant or lactating women, people with pacemakers or electrical implants, or people with transplanted organs.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and you are tired of dragging around yourself with the same energy deficiencies, you should try Ionic Foot Bath at the Zephyrhills Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic.