Laser Acupuncture

LIGHT HEALING: I have some very exciting news for you today. We have the ability to heal the body through the utilization of light. Cold laser is a form of electromagnetic radiation in a visible or infrared region of the light spectrum. It is generated generally by utilizing certain mineral components or gas components to have the emission of a cold laser light bypassing an electrical field through this particular medium. The particular laser that we use at our clinic is called a cold laser. It is putting out five watts of energy and is used as needleless acupuncture. The utilization of a ruby laser in a cold spectrum was first talked about by Dr. Mester in Hungary, where he termed the term needleless acupuncture and utilization of laser for pain attenuation.

At this clinic we use the Erchonia laser. The Erchonia laser is a programmable laser which is capable of programming any frequency needed for healing in the terms of Hertz and we are capable of programming this laser to bring about various frequencies for particular ailments in the body.

Laser is different than regular light. It is monochromatic. It is parallel, is coherent, and it allows for skin penetration of a deeper level. These have components or effects such as the intensity of the beam and skin pigmentation, the amount of fat or water or vascular congestion that is present in the tissues. However, it is extremely effective in treating various conditions.

It is good at treating neural conditions. These conditions can actually change conduction velocities of the nerves and normalize them by stimulating the amount of serotonin present, as well as the amount of ATP that is found in the cellular component so it stimulates the cellular component to increase energy.

It also activates enzymes and one photon emitted by the laser can activate enzyme molecules and affect thousands of substrate molecules. Therefore, it diminishes the abnormal enzyme activity in the body and enhances the positive enzyme activity in the body.

It also affects the body's ability to increase the ability of the membranes of the cells to eliminate toxins and increase cellular respiration.

It is wonderful in treating trigger points and some musculoskeletal conditions. It can deactivate trigger points and it can allow the muscles, ligaments and tendons to heal more effectively without having adhesions occur. If adhesions are already there it reduces them.

It promotes healing by reducing scar tissue and it stimulates the ability of nerves to regenerate, this is particularly found in people with peripheral neuropathy. It also is implicated in wound healing and it is extremely effective in treating skin conditions. It is also effective in helping ulcers, arterial ulcers, burns, pressure sores, herpes zoster, herpes genitalia and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Laser therapy is an exciting new component in our practice at Zephyrhills Chiropractic and Acupuncture. As always we are available for consultations, please give us a call at (813) 782-9564.

George A. Forster, DC, AP, NMD
Doctor of Chiropractic
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Past President of the American Chiropractic Thermographic Society
Past Chairman of the ICA College of Thermography
Continuing Education Lecturer for Life Chiropractic College