I'm a 20 year Army Veteran, I've been seen by the Best and the Worst that both the Army and the VA has to offer.

From the moment I walked in to his Facility I was greeted like a Family member. Upon meeting the Doc, he sat down an explained his experience with pain. He took the time to build a rapport with me, instead of just throwing me on the Table and (snap, crackle, and popping) the way other Chiro's have done in the past. He took the time to review my X-Rays with me and explained everything he was planning to do prior to him ever touching me.

I cannot put into words the type of relief I have been getting from his treatments. However, after my first visit I left with tears of Joy.

Hands down the Best Chiropractor I've ever had the privilege of being treated by.

Ken S., 11/19

I recommend Dr. Forster. I was looking for a chiropractor in the area to relieve my neck and lower back pain. I was going to a chiropractor in Wesley Chapel but moved to East Pasco. I was impressed with Dr. Forster's professionalism and knowledge of the issues with my neck and back. The treatment plan he set up eliminated my pain. I felt more relief from his treatments than I did from my previous doctor. The office staff is always friendly and helpful. I enjoy my doctor visits. I can't say that about every office I visit.

Nancy H., Zephyrhills, 10/19

Dr. Forster has been our doctor for 30 years or so. He has treated us for many back problems over the years. My husband was in a car accident with neck and back problems. Dr. Forster got him back to 100%. We are so blessed to have him in our area. We call him "the man with the magic hands."

Monica A., Zephyrhills, 10/19

After visiting Dr Forster at Zhills Chiropractic, I felt immediate relief from pain in my lower back that radiated down my leg and up the right side of my body. He took time to get to know me as a patient, my lifestyle, and the pain I was experiencing. Ms Regina treated me with kindness and care while handling my patient in-processing and X rays. Dr. Forster took care in explaining my Xray results, conducting my physical exam, and making the recommended adjustments. I look forward to visiting the office again! As a mom to a four year old, I do not have time to slow down!

Bri S., Wesley Chapel, 10/19

Over the years I've seen a few chiropractors, but none have done as much for my back and hip pain as Dr. Forster. He was also gentle enough to work on my 86 y.o. father, after he was in a car wreck. Highly recommended

Mike C., San Francisco, 11/18

Mr. Forster and his crew are very polite and friendly. They put you at ease and explain every single step of whats happening. Best decision i've made in my life!

Nickie G., San Francisco, 9/18

Everyone at this office was polite, friendly, helpful and accommodating. Dr. Forster listened carefully to my medical issues. He then did some tests treated me and gave helpful advice. I felt physically so much better directly after and as the day goes on better and better. I will be returning to this office as Dr. Forster is very competent. Also their hours are very different from most Doctors and caters to the working people 's time needs. I highly recommend Zephyrhills Chiropractic

Dana D., Zephyrhills, 8/18

Took my daughter here for the first time last week and it was the best decision I made. My daughter had a 4 inch difference in leg length due to her hip rotation and Dr. Forster adjusted it wonderfully . She feels so much better! You bet we will be visiting him often.

Linda M., Dade City, 8/18

Thanks to an amazing Dr. and more-than accommodating staff, I went from feeling petrified to feeling immense relief of body and mind. I really cannot sing their praises enough, for all that they've done to help ease my pain and I couldn't be more grateful.

Rebekah B., Zephyrhills, 7/18

This clinic has Thompson drop tables, which is way better than the old style method of adjustments. I have been going here for several years now and Dr Forster has been able to keep my pain levels down so, I am able to work. Along with my back issues, I also get headaches and after Dr Forster adjusts my neck, I literally walk out of the clinic without my head pounding. He is a wonderful chiropractic doctor and his staff is also kind and welcoming. I feel truly blessed to have found this place.

Jane B., Wesley Chapel, 7/18